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What I'd really really like for christmas this year; The Other Side by Olivier Theyskens, Juergen Teller - The Master, Self Service Magazine #34, Trent Suede Boots, Isabel Marant "Chilali" belt, Fools Gold necklace, Paris Rooftops on etsy


A very lovely and very stylish friend of mine will be co-posting here on Cut Knees very very soon! Stay tuned!



(I currently have 3 leather jackets, one's in the midst of selling- which you can buy here, one literally came today and the other I've borrowed from my sister ha.

I've been continuously clearing out my wardrobe for about a year now, selling anything that either doesn't fit me right or that I simply just don't wear anymore. I've bared down to quite a decent amount of essentials but there are a few things left on my "Staples" list;

  1. White Shirt (I'm thinking of buying one from Equipment)

  2. The Perfect Tee, in white/black/grey

  3. Pea Coat

  4. Black Jeans

  5. Faded Black Jeans

  6. Grey Jeans

  7. The Flannel Shirt

  8. The Perfect Leather Jacket

  9. The Winter Hat (Recently picked up the perfect beanie from American Apparel)

  10. The Boots (Although I'd say the Tommy Hilfigers are perfect, I'd ideally like to find a similar pair in black)

All in all not too bad! What are your wardrobe staples?


Came across LN-CC earlier today after a bit of a svpply rampage. LN-CC is an independent boutique based in London. They offer a wide range of luxury labels such as Jil Sander, Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten and Rick Owens. Found a couple of gems on there, specifically the Sunsea wool and cow leather jacket (2nd picture, on the left), now if only I had a £821 lying around.. boo.

I recommend visiting their site though, they stock womens as well as mens, and even have a couple of interesting features around!


I really can't remember where I found this link to an interview with Scott Schuman.. (it may have been tumblr?) but wow, who knew he was such an arrogant pompous douchebag?!

In the interview he is asked what his thoughts are on Tavi Gavinson and her blog's success, to which he replies; "Well I don’t think her audience is that big. I think her success is a little bit of a conspiracy by established print media that wanted to show that this blog thing is not that important, that it’s done by a bunch of twelve year olds." (.. right.)

He also mentions that her blog is pretty much pointless for older generations considering she's never had a boyfriend or that kind of stuff. Yeah, because writing about fashion as a woman can only be valid as long as you've had a man in your life. Kinda hypocritical there considering his ex-wife funded his entire "streetstyle photographer" career..

In other news, I had my interview at Bunmi Koko and I'm officially an intern! I really can't wait to start.


Spent the day cheering myself up over this dreadful english essay with my cos jumper and tomato with wild basil soup. I forgot how amazing it is to be able to wear jumpers and coats! (..and everything else that's unacceptable for the summer in my wardrobe, which is everything ugh).

Also been compiling lists and lists of beautiful clothes/things even though they serve as a daily reminder that I can not afford anything right now, seriously svpply may be amazing but its also pretty depressing.

P.S Would anyone be interested if I opened like a little etsy store?


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