(I currently have 3 leather jackets, one's in the midst of selling- which you can buy here, one literally came today and the other I've borrowed from my sister ha.

I've been continuously clearing out my wardrobe for about a year now, selling anything that either doesn't fit me right or that I simply just don't wear anymore. I've bared down to quite a decent amount of essentials but there are a few things left on my "Staples" list;

  1. White Shirt (I'm thinking of buying one from Equipment)

  2. The Perfect Tee, in white/black/grey

  3. Pea Coat

  4. Black Jeans

  5. Faded Black Jeans

  6. Grey Jeans

  7. The Flannel Shirt

  8. The Perfect Leather Jacket

  9. The Winter Hat (Recently picked up the perfect beanie from American Apparel)

  10. The Boots (Although I'd say the Tommy Hilfigers are perfect, I'd ideally like to find a similar pair in black)

All in all not too bad! What are your wardrobe staples?


  1. Vincent, you dress so perfectly.

    Personally, my staples are my navy pea coat from Topshop, opaque tights and brown brogues.

    (See me soon, happy christmas!xxxxxxxxxxx)